in-spē is a message. Usually it tells a story. If you look close enough you'll see it. We do it because we feel sharing the things that give you life are important. There is a reason you are connected to us and we see things the way we do. We pass it to you without a motive, left to your own interpretation. in-spē is not about acceptance it's about freedom and passing along courage so one can give themselves more freely. 

Everything we put out relates to us in some shape or form.  We don't choose them with anyone else in mind (most of the time), these are not subs. These are reminders, motivation, and inspiration from us. in-spē was born. 6 years ago. The thing is, most people don't realize that you are in-spē the way you talk, walk, dress, laugh, the things that catch your eye, your accent, your choice of words, your tone, perspective, taste in music and food, etc. Being true to yourself is the greatest form of in-spē. No one will be inspired by you in the way you intend. That is why it's important you leave the outcome to the universe and focus on being YOU in every moment. 

It's amazing the strength that can come from one person understanding you. Our point is to let people know they aren't alone. we understand. We can relate. we appreciate you. You can get through this. You're so important. We are proud of you. We love you. When people feel supported just a little, validated just a little you take more risks, you become stronger, your realize your potential is infinite. This is our contribution. 

Our hope is that in-spē is passed on. That you use it as a form of expression, Use it to say what you may not be able to yet. That they bring you peace, a smile, comfort, understanding, exposure, a new perspective, a solution, LOVE.