“In healing yourself you heal the world”

Welcome Goddess! I am grateful and honored to have you here and I’d like you to know this isn’t by chance. There is a reason we are connecting and I’m looking forward to healing with you. When women come together the cosmos shift, healing takes place across generations, and the Universe is forever changed. Trauma travels through DNA (scientific fact) until someone is ready to heal it. Your ancestors and descendants celebrate every time you do the work.

No two steam experiences are alike, not even your own. I’m a healer by trade and a Vaginal Steam Facilitator certified through Steamy Chick ( the only certification currently available in the U.S.

I take this form of self-care and your time very seriously, but I am not here to heal you. I am here to facilitate your healing and help you tap into your limitless potential. Bella Luna means ‘beautiful moon’ and that is just what steaming does, creates a beautiful moon cycle for you. Imbalance in your womb creates imbalance in your entire body. From your skin, to your mood, to sleep, to your weight, to hair growth or loss, it all connects. Just because western medicine says there’s no cure doesn’t mean there’s not cure. They just don’t have a cure for it and let me tell you there IS a cure for EVERY imbalance/dis-ease in the body. From cramps to STIs and Fibroids, and beyond, Bella, you are capable of releasing what ails you with steaming. Both the physical and emotional body are healed with steaming and it has been scientifically proven that every physical illness has an emotional (root) component.

I first, learned about Vaginal Steaming from, Sabrina @ Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam, in December 2017 and I purchased herbs to do an at home steam for a family member with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). I began steaming at home and learning about all the beautiful physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. As I got deeper into my groove I shared it with my circle of sisters and of course any one else that would listen! When I love something I let ya know! So, two years later here I am certified and spreading the word. Knowing what wonders vaginal steaming does for menstrual cramps, I can’t bear to hear womxn continue to complain about unnecessary pain (that we’ve taken on as a norm) month after damn month! I mean if it’s that bad, which I KNOW it is, why not take steps to change it?! It’s time for us womxn to take back our power, learn about, and embrace our womxnhood. All the healing power you need lies within. You are the DIVINE FEMININE baby!

This is a fast growing alternative treatment and there are some pretty shady practices going on out there. It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re safe.

Here are a few things that make Bella Luna special!

  1. I only use organic trusted herb blends from certified herbalists - Depending on your personal needs I will either be using Steamy Chick or Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam Herbs.

  2. Steaming is not one size fits all. You will complete an intake and have a one on one with me prior to/during our first session. That will help me determine which herbal blend is right as well as the amount of time you’ll need to steam.

  3. NO ONE should steam for an hour. It’s not safe. Your steam time is personalized and dependent on your initial intake. Each session with me is 30-45 min.

  4. I bring other tools to support in the process i.e. Goddess cards, crystals, sage, palo santo, candles, music, stretching, printed resources, essential oils, etc.

  5. As a holistic health coach I can suggests healing foods or practices that will aid in balancing your health as a whole.

  6. I follow up with all clients after services with continued guidance.

p.s. A single steam session is a wonderful experience but, I recommend incorporating this into your self care routine as an ongoing practice. The standard packages each include 3 steams but you are more than welcome to schedule single sessions as you wish. Check out the soothing ad ons to really treat yo’ self!

What is Vaginal Steaming?

Vaginal Steaming is the fastest growing alternative treatment, but it’s hard for me to call it an “alternative” treatment because it’s been around longer than gynecology. Vaginal steaming is a form of medicine practiced around the world. The tissues of the vagina are exceptionally porous and absorbent , and the warmth of the steam works to soften and open them. When the herbs are placed in the hot water, their medicinal properties - including volatile oils - are released and carried to the surface of your skin and to the inside of the vagina, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and into the uterus. The medicinal steam brings circulation, energy, and blood flow to your womb and it gently opens the cervix and creates space for the healing to take place. The herbal steam increases circulation, thins mucous, and cleanses the entire reproductive system, allowing it to shed unnecessary membranes and build-up of old brown blood, tissue, tampon particles, mucous, chemical/toxin build up, infection, suppressed emotion and trauma etc.

*Vaginal steaming is a universal practice without any one clear place of origin.

It appears to be a practice that women everywhere developed for the purpose of postpartum care and treating gynecological concerns.

Vaginal steaming has been found in the following places:

South Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand

Turkey, Latvia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Romania

Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco

Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Suriname, Guyana, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Navajo Nation, Lakota Nation

Palau, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii

Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Mesopotomia, Aztec Empire and Mayan Empire

Who needs it?

Anyone with a vagina! Vaginal steaming can be done before menstruation and after menopause. The concept is simply cleansing the vagina with herbal steam, very similar to the steaming portion of a facial. So even young ladies can steam regularly.
Other reasons to steam:
- Recent breakup. Clear out stagnant energy and release any energetic ties you may be holding
- Irregular period
- Trying to conceive
- Having skin issues
- Looking to increase confidence and uncover purpose
- Clear Sexual Trauma
- Deepen the connection with yourself
-Hot Flashes
- Yeast Infection
- Womb Trauma
- Fibroid Cleanse
- Cellular Support
-Bladder Support
- Pain Relief
- Hormonal Support
-Hemorrhoid Relief
- Miscarriage Support
- Menopausal Support
-Weight Management
- Natural Detox
- Stronger More Frequent Orgasms
- Healthy Ovary Support
-Inflammation and Bloating
-Tones and Strengthens Uterine Muscles

* Most commonly, vaginal steaming is used by midwives for postpartum care right after a woman has a baby. 

Vaginal steaming is also used as a hygienic post-period practice to get any left-over blood out of the vaginal tract once the period is over.

Lastly, vaginal steaming is used to treat gynecological problems. Cramps, trouble conceiving, infections, fibroids, cysts, dryness...vaginal steaming helps to naturally get rid of the problem. 

From the first period to post-menopause, it is an important tool for self-care. The vagina IS self-cleaning but it is NOT self- healing.

Does it really work?

Hell yes, honey! So far in my own personal practice I’ve worked with womxn post-partum to heal prolapse, dissolved fibroids, cured a client’s UTI in 2 days, and helped clients regulate their menstrual cycle creating the “perfect period” and eliminate cramps along with quite a few other magical emotional healing experiences.

*According to various case studies, vaginal steaming appears to improve symptoms in over 90% of all gynecological problems and shows tremendous potential as an alternative to invasive medical procedures.

There's clear reason why women everywhere have used it for thousands of years. There's nothing that compares to it. 

One thing is evident--vaginal steaming doesn't hurt, and--if it does work in a specific case--it's a really good alternative to surgery and artificial hormones. For most, it is practical and affordable to give it a try.

What does it feel like? 

*You know the feeling you have after a hot shower or bath?

Your female organs feel like that.

***** asterisk info is from *****

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