Tracy G the Trilla-OG

Let me start this by saying THIS BITCH IS BOMB! 

I fired up "Love Vs. Lust Pt. 1" on my way to work yesterday and I fell in love (and listened to her whole set by the time I got to the Castle Hill stop on the 6 train, then passed the link to all my shorties). I fell in love with this fly chick's voice, sounding like an evening of Malbec and Ls. I fell in love with her wordplay and the rawity of it all. GLO ON BABYGIRL! I have a feeling one day our paths will cross and when they do I have the illest hug waiting for you. Thank you for sharing your growth, your love, and your light! 

Get familiar ya! -------> Here is her blog and you can catch her on Sway in the Morning. 


p.s. Katy put me on. Props where props are due.