14 Days of Self-Love Challenge

 Self-Love is the foundation of how all other love reflects back to us. If our love for self is strong it is easier for us to realize and live out our deepest desires. 

Here's how it works:

Each day on IG I will be posting a prompt.  You DO NOT have to follow the prompt. They are simply there to give you an idea.  The goal is to post something you love about yourself for 14 days straight.  Not only are you posting positivity you are able to explore the ways you enjoy yourself.  Focusing on the things you love about yourself turns into appreciation which leads to gratitude.  The gratitude increases abundance –abundance of more things to be grateful for as well as abundance of SELF-LOVE!

Follow @inspe.co or @iamlaurenpurnell on IG and each day, starting February 1st ending on February 14th, there will be a suggested subject for you to post about.  There is no obligation to stick to the prompts they’re just to help get your creative juices flowing. Once you post the part about yourself that you love be sure to use the hashtag #inspeSelfLoveChallenge this will allow people to search the hashtag and see all the self-love floating around!