It's Only Just Begun....

Press play to set the mood.

First things first.  I am going to share any and everything I feel comfortable sharing while respecting the privacy of others in my life. The only real subject of this 'Tell All' is moi. I truly feel that sharing my journey and lessons will lend inspiration and support to anyone reading. My hope is that exposure to my perspective will cause you to explore the magical side of life and feel comfort. Me being me will give you more confidence to be your YOUEST YOU! I am going to be as completely candid as I possibly can so we can all learn and evolve to the max yo! 

I do need you to understand I am no amateur story teller. I come correct with videos, pictures, links, voice notes, and charts when necessary.  I ain't new to this I stay true to this.


This week I'll be sharing:

Why I felt like this was the next step.
My recent trips to Ohio and all the heals that have been going down. 
Seeing my brother for the first time in 6 years.
My sister, Leslie, telling me to "FUCK OFF" and how proud I am of her *humbling ass moment alert*
Conversations with my brother, Luke, and how I single storied the hell out of him *humbling ass moment alert*
Random events that you should all know about.


That all being said....shall we?