Magik of Mediation

As a wellness professional I can list all the physical benefits of meditation and stress management but as a Goddess of the Light it’s my duty to share the energetic and spiritual benefits of this practice.

The benefits of meditation reach far and wide. Taking time to quiet the mind and allow the body to be still has mental, emotional, and physical benefits and I’ve been nourishing myself in these waters for years. Below is a broad list of the delicious effects 10-15 minutes of meditation a day can have on any old body! Take a peek for meditation motivation, baby!


Meditation/Mindfulness is the prescription and all of those benefits are the side effects! For many decades we have been focused on improving how things look on the outside and now we understand that the easiest, most effective way to change the outside or the “symptoms” is to go within and fix the foundation. Energy/enHERgy/Inner-qi is the root of EVERYthing!

Knowing all this it can still feel like a chore to be still and meditate, believe me, I KNOW! But, why? We all have our reasons but the the underlying issue is that we forget. We forget that all this power lies within stillness. We forget that the most powerful way to shift our current reality takes the least amount of effort. We get wrapped up in the capitalism, the patriarchy and white supremacy of it all feeling the constant need to PROVE ourselves by doing more. Everything IS energy and your reality is just a reflection of your energetic frequency. If you want to experience a different reality, shift your frequency. There are many ways to raise your vibration, but for me, currently, I have 4 ways that bring me the most joy and are easiest:

Clean Eating - Electric Alkaline Unprocessed Non-GMO Vegan Food

By indulging in these activities I have a MAJOR positive impact on every system of my body and aspect of my life. Now, don’t get it twisted I don’t force these things or put restrictions on my life to align with a specific lifestyle or label. I do these things as often as I can or need. I too am a work in progress and I’m here living a VERY human life, my G. Although I don’t wake up and float on clouds to a kitchen of finely crafted vegan food, and spend my day lying in a meadow, drifting in and out of higher dimensions while giggling with wildlife, I do make time for these things. I make time for them because I wouldn’t survive without them. We all know I hold no punches when sharing the very real, very dark depths I’ve been to and these practices, especially meditation have carried me through many a grim day. I’m here now by the grace of all the things that exist despite us being able to see them.

For me, meditation has been a gateway to the magikal realms. It has introduced me to a world of healing and experiences that can only be felt not described. I look forward to journeying into higher consciousness and the deeper I go the more content I become with my physical experience, regardless of what my outer world looks like. I know that life shifts in a moment and that each new breath holds unlimited possibility. Meditation has shown me what is possible and given me the confidence to venture into the unknown with peace and anticipation of the brilliance that is to come. Meditation is much more than we acknowledge and it’s is a limitless practice. Your body, your soul, your lineage, and the entire collective benefits from your 15 minutes of quiet.

How’s that for motivation? Looking forward to hearing WHY you personally meditate. There are so many great reasons to journey inward and they will probably shift throughout your lifetime so feel free to continuously share. You never know who you’re inspiring!!

;-* MWAH!